Chamber Of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies analyzes a proposal that exempts drivers with disabilities from submitting themselves to the physical and mental aptitude exam whenever they need to renew their National Driver’s License (CNH).

According to the text, physical and mental aptitude tests will only be required of the disabled driver if this is the indication of the medical examiner.

The measure is provided for in Bill 5148/16, by Deputy Renato Molling (PP-RS). “It seems unreasonable to us to oblige people with disabilities, qualified to drive a motor vehicle, to submit to the medical board every time they have to renew their license”, criticizes the author.

He explains that, although this requirement is not expressed in the Brazilian Traffic Code (Law 9,503/97 ), the infra-legal legislation – Contran Resolution 425/12 – when referring to the examinations of people with disabilities, it does so by linking them to the medical boards.

“This determination by Contran has authorized state traffic departments to require these drivers to undergo the same thorough medical evaluation they did when they applied for the CNH,” adds Molling.

For the deputy, this requirement represents an inconvenience for people with disabilities, especially for those residing in the interior of the country, forced to move to large cities. “This situation should not continue”, he concludes.

The bill is being processed conclusively and will be analyzed by the commissions for the Defense of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; of Road and Transport; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.