Best strategies to help in Poker!


Poker is a game that requires skills and strategies to win. So it is essential to know some skills and techniques before you play.
Not every poker strategy works. Not even the best poker player in the world can win every single time. But some systems can make you come near to the winning position, but it all depends on the situation and how you react to it and plan according to it.

Play fewer hands, but play aggressively


There is a limit for the number of starting hands before you play the flop in No-limit Texas holding them. You might bleed away your chip stack if you play too many hands unless your luck is on your side.

Don’t be the first player to Limp.

Limping means just calling the big blind preflop. It is absolutely a wrong move as the first player to enter a pot. There are considerably two reasons why it should be avoided, ● Before the flop, or like you might if you raise, you don’t win the pot.


● By making it, you face many Players, and it may seem less likely to win the pot if you give the players behind very enticing pot odds.
The acceptable situation to Limp is when there is at least one player who has limped already. This is called over-limping, and this is a good okay as you can get great pot odds to come into action so that hopefully, you can hit something better than others on the flop.


With your draws, play semi- bluff aggressively.

You need to bluff effectively if you want to crush the other poker. If you don’t bluff it effectively, it can be the quickest way to lose your money. You need to keep your bluffing under control. Letting your cards dictate if you are going to bluff or not is one of the most effective ways to bluff; improve on a later street to the best hands such as flush draws, straight draws, or even an overcard or two to the board.

Defend your big blind


Defend your big blind with your right hand as it is a unique position. You already have one prominent blind invested in the pot; this is the reason, if you face any raise while sitting in the big blind, you need to have pot odds to call than any other positions, you can also think of it as a discount.

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